Northern Lights in Henningsvær

Foto:Stefan Linnerhag

January and February this year have seen a great deal of auroral activity, and in Henningsvær and its surrounds there are many superb places from which to see the Northern Lights.  

Our Apartments


We can offer four self-catering apartments, with five double rooms and a total of 18 sleeping places.  Centrally located in Henningsvær. Minimum booking 3 nights.  



There is a range of activities in Henningsvær: you can go snorkelling or take a rafting tour; you can enrol in a climbing course or take a fishing trip.

Food & Drink

God torsk

In our little eatery you can enjoy simple food based on local ingredients along with the drink of your choice.  We also have good coffee, tea and waffles – and maybe a slice of cake.

A genuine place


We value personalized service.  Come to Lofoten and have a chat, eat local food and stay with us in an old fish landing stage that still operates in the winter.  If you have a special wish, we’d love to help you realize it.  Get in touch for a chat, and we’ll see what we can […]