There is a variety of activities on offer in Henningsvær: you can go snorkelling, or take a rafting tour with Lofoten Opplevelser , you can enrol in a climbing course with the North Norwegian Climbing School , or you can hire a kayak. Fishing trips are possible all year round – just ring Rudi on 900 39 086.
The Codstock Festival is held during Pentecost, in July there is a Chamber Music Festival and you can play golf at the Lofoten Golf Course
on Gimsøya.

Henningsvær has a number of specialty shops offering, among other things, photographs, glassware, ceramics, candles, coffee, hats, scarves, sweets, local food and more, all produced in Henningsvær. Otherwise there are galleries, and numerous dining venues in which to indulge yourself. Local food is much sought after, so it’s possible to join caviar- or herring-tasting courses at Lofotmat – and other things if desired. If your body is in need of an overhaul, Lofoten Therapy and Body Care can provide it.

Below you can find further information and links to activities all over Lofoten.


Foto:Stefan LinnerhagJanuary and February this year have seen a great deal of auroral activity, and in Henningsvær and its surrounds there are many superb places from which to see the Northern Lights. If you’re really lucky, you can sometimes see the Lights while sitting indoors, but for the best experience, dress warmly and head out into Lofoten’s majestic winter landscape. You can also watch the Northern Lights from our spacious terrace.

For a 360° panorama of Northern Lights viewed from Henningsvær go to our separate Northern Lights web page.

Please contact us for a quote on stays during the Northern Lights period.


©stefan linnerhagThe Midnight Sun is a phenomenon that occurs all or part of the time between the spring and autumn equinoxes north of the Arctic Circle, and between the autumn and spring equinoxes south of the Antarctic Circle. During this time the sun never drops below the horizon, and on a cloud-free day is visible for the full 24 hours.

The Midnight Sun lasts longer the closer you get to the poles. At the poles themselves the sun doesn’t set for 6 whole months.

Areas that experience the Midnight Sun in summer experience an equivalent Polar Night, or Dark Time in the winter. Despite the name, the “Dark Time” doesn’t consist of weeks of unbroken darkness. Thanks to the refraction of the hidden sun’s light, a twilight brings a little light, similar to the period before dawn.

In Lofoten we have the Midnight Sun: around May 27 – July 17, and the Polar Night: around December 6 – January 6.


Henningsvær Harbour

Henningsvær Harbour

“A real Lofoten cod am I for I was born in Henningsvær” goes the well-known song by Torbjørn Egner. The Lofoten Fishery has changed much over the years, but it is still a thrilling experience to walk along the quays and watch, smell and listen. In recent times the Fishery in East Loften has been astonishingly good. Researchers regard the amount of cod caught as an historic high. If you want fresh fish you can buy it direct from the fishermen, and if you just want a taste you will find it in the village’s various dining establishments.


Out on the sea

Lofoten Opplevelser has long experience, excellent local knowledge, and connections to an extensive network of local tour operators.

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